Building Some Social Media Hype

Getting the attention of audiences on Instagram and Facebook can be a fun process. Granted, if your efforts in that direction are serious, it can also get frustrating but it is all a matter or what works for the needs of business and other goals. I recently ran across an interesting story that got me thinking about ways that social media can draw in the crowds.

I run a small business and only just recently started using Instagram. Since I have already been using Facebook as a platform to improve my business, it was time to start using the Instagram platform as well. Since I am a personal chef and I go from job to job, it seems smart to take shots of my original dishes and post them with some incentives and good messages.

On that note, I read about the recent flood of giant burger images on the platform. Apparently, a number of restaurants have been posting images of these outrageously tall stacked burgers in order to gain more Instagram followers. As will happen in social media, when one user posts something unique, many more will copy the idea until it becomes a fad.

With so many of these images floating about on Instagram, many high-level chefs and critics have taken notice and not with good things to say. They say that these images are ridiculous because it is not possible to comfortably eat these towering burgers. It is true, but that was not nor is it the point. The way I understand it, the whole idea is to make a big impact in order to get a good following.

I found that the criticism brought even more likes, followers, and shares to the posts. Basically, the tall burgers made headlines because of the criticism. This, in turn, sparked many more users to seek out the images and the resulting wave of popularity resulted in many more Instagram followers for the users who posted the images.

Those restaurants got the attention they wanted and then some. In fact, I searched for some of these images myself and discovered that the numbers of likes and followers were indeed large. This just goes to show that the right level of hype on social media can be very beneficial for business.

Now that I understand this, what am I to do with my posts to get that kind of following. Though I am inspired, that is still going to take some thinking. Meanwhile, I did discover that I can buy the likes for many of my posts and that this pushes more people to follow the posts too.

It is almost as if my posts need to already have followers in order to get more. It is a good thing there is a service to help with this.