Getting My Views in Favor

Recently, my YouTube channel needed a boost. I had gained a pretty good number of subscribers and had been doing everything needed to keep content fresh and interesting. It was not as if I was losing subscribers or viewers, just that I was not seeing a lot of new subscribers. Since this channel is at least partially tied to a small business I run, it seemed prudent to boost the channel.

I decided, based on some articles I had read, to use other social media platforms to make this happen. Since what I was really going for was enhanced business and image, it seemed reasonable to embed some Instagram videos and posts in my YouTube videos. This way, I could also tie the Instagram posts to my Facebook feeds and then followers could be exposed to more of my good intentions.

To make this work quickly, I would do what I did with my YouTube videos in the beginning and I would buy likes. By doing this, I create the image of popularity so that I get more organic likes. It makes sense when you see it work and, if you think about it, it is just plain smart since the services are available to help one do this.

You see, it is a matter of creating a favourable image and being sure that what you post is favourable. This takes likes which are only guaranteed if you purchase them. In some cases, this is not really necessary. However, when starting out, it is just a smart move. You should usually see momentum picking up with a post right in the beginning.

With my Instagram posts, I would use short clips of video from my YouTube channel and in my YouTube videos, I used good hashtags. This creates a nice loop from one to the other and people can go from Instagram to YouTube and then to Facebook or however they want to do it. Understand that you can buy likes on all of these.

When you do purchase any type of following, it is important to do it strategically. This means that you want to do it where it is needed. For example, if I see that a post on Instagram is naturally moving toward a good following and is well-liked, I don’t buy any views or likes or anything of the sort. Instead, I reserve that for the posts that I know are good but not getting the likes I want to see.

Also, if I am doing a post that I don’t think is really that important in the long run, I don’t push it. You need to keep your posts concise and not too frequent. Sometimes less is more and it is not always necessary to try and make every single post perfect in every way.

My results were good. I ended up with more subscribers just like I wanted. In addition, I learned a lot and am able to help others with the information.