Leveraging the Social Media Draw

As an entrepreneur, owning a small business involves a great deal of social activity. The good news is that I don’t have to run all over the place to get that social activity thanks to social media. In fact, all of the social media platforms have an automatic draw to them. People consistently use Facebook and Instagram as a matter of daily routine.

This means that all I need to do on that end is leverage the existing draw. I create a great business profile on both Facebook and Instagram in order to do this and it works. Doing this allows me to create a personal connection with my clients. As they follow my work, it naturally attracts more followers on a regular basis, keeping me in good relations with collaborators and bringing in new clients.

One of the first things I figured out about using social media is that people prefer to like and follow what others already like and follow. To a large extent, this goes without saying but it is not something we generally think of until the posts we make are taken seriously. Personally, I want to see larger numbers of followers on a daily basis. I want to see many likes and shares too.

Sometimes the influx of followers is not as good as it is other times. Then I will actually buy real Instagram followers in order to keep things moving along. Since mine is a very small business with a staff of one, my momentum is dependent on exposure and good social relations. Social media is my method of marketing.

Yet when I tell collaborators that they can buy followers on Instagram, I sometimes get a questionable response. This is understandable considering that it sounds like cheating. When I first started using such services, I thought it was too in a way. As it turns out, it is nothing like cheating. In reality, it is a way to use the platforms to get more attention.

You have to wade through the habitual tendencies and short attention spans of potential audience members. It is one thing for someone to see a good post and like it and another to actually have them follow. Since I run the business, I want to be followed, right? If you post and there is not a large following displayed, people might think it is not worth following.

Think of it as being the difference between dressing right for work or not. In social media, you don’t actually show your “clothes.” Instead, what you post is your image and the way people respond and if they follow is the real outer covering that people will respond to. In other words, deliver quality posts and a popular image.

This is why I strongly advise keeping the social media image as clean and clear as possible. Cover all bases and all considerations and then leverage the platforms accordingly. You should take advantage of the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers.